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Cville Immigrant Freedom Fund (CIFF) is a non-profit organization that works with immigrants, families, friends and employers in paying for a legal representation and ICE bond.  CIFF will also post bond on behalf of those who are not U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. 

Over the past six months, CIFF has provided $52,000 in financial assistance to 18 individuals whose friends and families are covering more than two-thirds of their legal fees as well as half of bond.  CIFF’s portion of these expenses is often that final “chunk”, allowing household members to pay rent, buy food or get gas while someone they love is free and able to fight their immigration case.  

Family cost share contributions for bond are returned once a case is closed and ICE returns the bond. The Fund’s contribution is revolved to obtain freedom for someone else.  


Those directly assisted by CIFF include an unaccompanied minor, a young mother of two who survived extreme violence on her trip north, a family breadwinner with three children and a young man afraid to be deported back to his country of origin where he was tortured by the gangs after witnessing a murder.  Our assistance has a multiplier effect, impacting the more than 55 people, including 42 children, who are in part dependent on those we support.  

CIFF legal support grants average $2,700.

For ICE bond the average is $3,400.

Fees for immigration cases range from $3,000-$10,000. ICE bond, which must be paid in full, is a minimum of $1,500 but averages $16,000 nationally.